Help for Addiction Treatment in Canada

Trauma Programs for Women in Canada

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We get many inquiries for women needing treatment and support for trauma. It seems to be a big contributing factor to initial substance use and persistent substance dependence. Most available treatment programs do not help women through traumas. There are only a handful of programs in Canada that help women address traumatic past events and help them move towards a substance-free future. Some provinces do not even have programs suitable for treating trauma. The following listings are public and private programs that use trauma-informed...

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Help with Withdrawals: Medical vs Social Detox

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Up until the 1970s, North American societies dealt with intoxication by sending people to the “drunk tanks” in police stations. Here, people underwent withdrawal (primarily from alcohol) without any medical support or therapeutic assistance. With major changes to public policy in 1971 for substance and alcohol use and dependency, people needing withdrawal slowly began receiving more humane treatment. These humanitarian upgrades led to the development of more ethical treatment options such as medical assistance and supervision, as well as...

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Do I go to Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

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The day you or a loved one decided to go into treatment for an addiction or substance abuse issue can be both an exhilarating and terrifying one. Everything after today will change. For some, it’s probably as close as you’re going get to the phrase, “my life was turned upside down”. So you’re going to a drug rehab. Which one? This may be a question you never considered, because, really, how many kinds of treatment are there? In fact, there are an overwhelming number of different treatment types based on modalities, services available, and how...

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Methadone vs. Methadose

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Abstinence-based programming is, by far, the most common approach for treating substance use disorders and addictions. While it is the most optimal outcome health-wise, chronic substance and alcohol use can have such sever effect on the brain that immediate abstinence is too difficult no matter the desire to stop. Drugs like opiates (e.g. heroin, morphine, fentanyl) have an intense influence on the release of dopamine in the brain. This alters the pleasure-reward systems so much that it begins to control the individual’s behaviours to...

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More Youth Addiction Services to Come to PEI

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An addiction treatment facility has been proposed to meet the needs of PEI youth who have substance misuse or use disorders. Three recommendations are suggested for the PEI area: 1. Improved child and youth addiction services 2. More in-patient and community services 3. Expansion of existing Strength Program (for youth with addictions) Before this new facility launches, organizations and individuals involved need to be consulted which is believed to take at least 6 months. The developers are still looking for potential sites to offer this...

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Sex Addiction Treatment Programs in Newfoundland

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Sam* called looking for sex addiction treatment services for a client of his. Unfortunately, there are not very many resources for sex addiction in Newfoundland. There are only two therapists that we have listed in our directory (see below). However, many sex addiction counsellors in regions with limited resources offer counselling via telephone or online video call (e.g. Skype or Google Helpouts) with therapists and counsellors in other provinces. Sandoval, Nena Katherine, M.H.S.
Waterford Hospital
Waterford Bridge Road
St. Johns, NL A1A 1E4...

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A Common Struggle for Getting Public Treatment

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In a recent story by CBC, a young woman’s struggle with meth addiction and getting into public treatment was highlighted. After receiving her initial assessment to qualify for public treatment, Kara Evans’ entrance date kept being pushed back. She is currently still awaiting treatment and it has been seven months since her initial assessment. This story is, unfortunately, not a rarity. People in every province throughout Canada struggle with the lack of available public treatment. Public treatment programming is overwhelmed with people in...

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When Your Loved One Won’t go to Addiction Treatment

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Sometimes our calls in admissions don’t always result in a person coming into treatment. However, that does not mean these conversations have been wasted. Here’s a recent example: Hi Sara, I had an emotional conversation on the phone with you last Wednesday about my son. I just wanted to express how grateful I am that I made that call, and spoke to you. There is no easy fix to our problems, until my son is ready to seek help, but your supportive words and advice have helped more than you will know. I visited the website today, was reading...

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30 More Questions to ask an Addiction Treatment Center

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This is a list of questions for those of you who’ve already contacted a treatment center and received information about their program, costs, schedule, and intake procedures. These questions will help you nail down details not always mentioned in websites or brochures. Not all the questions below will be applicable to your situation, but many help you learn details that better help you decide on a program that fits your needs. What is the number one goal of your addiction treatment program? What kind of licenses, certifications...

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List: Questions to ask Treatment Centers when Looking for Addiction Treatment

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Not everyone knows what to look for when researching addiction treatment options. When looking for a program, it really comes down to making sure the treatment centre can meet your unique needs. Here’s how to help narrow it down. This is a list of questions to ask facilities when looking for residential treatment: How long is your program (e.g. 18, 21, 30, 45, 60 days)? What are the costs for the different program lengths? What is your soonest availability? Do I need to be sober before arrival? If yes, how many days? Do I need to be...

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