Canada Drug Rehab Center

Why Our Drug Rehab Is a Particularly Good Fit for Americans

Americans have four important reasons to consider drug rehabilitation at Sunshine Coast Health Center:

1. easy access – Vancouver, British Columbia is a vibrant, modern metropolis with daily flights from cities throughout the United States. For Americans living in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver is an easy 3 hour drive from Seattle, Washington.

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Canada Drug Rehab Programs

Canada Drug Rehab Programs

Unlike 95 percent of drug rehab programs in the United States, our program is a clear alternative to the disease model of treatment based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are one of the millions of Americans who has completed 12 Step treatment but is still struggling with drugs consider our truly unique program.

Our non-12 Step, research-based program includes comprehensive medical and psychiatric care and cutting-edge therapies that focus on helping you live the kind of life you want.

There are Hundreds of Ways to Treat Drug Addiction

Addiction is complex. Human beings are complex. We understand that no two clients are ever alike. At Sunshine Coast Health Center we recognize the full dimensions of each client – biological, psychological, social and spiritual. We treat you like a human being, not an “addict” or “addiction.”

That is why each treatment plan is tailored to the individual. Whether a client has a concurrent mental health issue, pre-existing medical condition, or both, our exceptional clinical and medical teams are committed to getting you the help you need. We understand that no two people respond to addiction treatment the same way, so that is why we offer many different treatment options, all delivered by qualified, experienced staff:

  • medical assessment
  • psychiatric assessment
  • group talk therapy
  • individual talk therapy
  • addiction counselling
  • mental health counselling
  • career counselling
  • couples counselling
  • family counselling
  • withdrawal medications
  • psychiatric medications
  • fitness therapy
  • hypnotherapy
  • EMDR (for trauma)
  • neurofeedback
  • art expression
  • massage therapy
  • ozone therapy
  • infra-red sauna therapy

Our Drug Rehab Focuses on Motivation, not Confrontation

There are now numerous evidence-based alternatives to confrontational counseling, and clinical studies show that more effective substance abuse counselors are those who practice with an empathic, supportive style. It is time to accept that the harsh confrontational practices of the past are generally ineffective, potentially harmful, and professionally inappropriate.”

~ William Miller & William White (2007). Confrontation in addiction treatment. Counselor Magazine.

Sunshine Coast Health Center has created our own unique approach to drug rehab. Unhappy with traditional American programs that rely on confrontation, our program model is based on unconditional, positive regard for the client. We call our unique approach the meaning model of therapy, which is based on the philosophy of Austrian psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl. It was Dr. Frankl who first proposed that “alcoholism … [is] not understandable unless we recognize existential vacuum underlying [it]” (p. 124). The existential vacuum arises when the life one is living lacks personal meaning. Although there are many symptoms of the vacuum, such as depression and anger, the hallmark symptom is boredom.

Why Our Drug Rehab may be a Good Fit For You or Your Loved One

Some of the innovations we have incorporated into the meaning model of therapy include:

1. a focus beyond abstinence – focuses on personal transformation and full integration into society that goes beyond, yet includes, the traditional 12 Step treatment goals of abstinence as well as physical and mental stability.

2. flexible treatment options – recognizing that each client is unique, Sunshine Coast offers both private and semi-private rooms, and varying lengths of stay (30, 42, 60 and 90 days).

3. an all-male peer group – clients report that an all-male peer group allows them to safely express difficult feelings and emotions and, ultimately, develop mutually supportive, enduring friendships.

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Rehab Staff

Meet Our Rehab Staff

Our therapists connect with clients at a human level and we emphasize the capacities of clients to take control of their lives, develop resilience, and find the courage to overcome fears. Tired old ideas that clients are narcissistic and family members are codependent are avoided due to a lack of scientific validity.

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